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Cluj-Napoca City (Transylvania, Romania)

Read a bit of History and have a look around.


See some Pictures Here. For more pictures (including Turda Gorges) follow this link.


Turda City (County of Cluj, Transylvania, Romania)

You can find everything about Turda here (Romanian language only).



History and much more. You can find much more info using Google.


Have a look at Don't be fooled by the name, this website is a good information resource about Romania, including a lot of pictures of Castles and Monasteries. Look for the links at the bottom of the page.



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Binflash - Universal firmware flasher for NEC DVD Writers
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DVD Media

APR Media - Blank Media - Blank Media Supplier
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DVD Players

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741 Op-Amp Tutorial
ALL DATASHEET - Datasheet search site for Electronic Components & Semiconductors
Audio Circuits - A very comprehensive site
DataSheets and Application Notes (Russian only)
Constructii electronice, montaje, scheme audio si programatoare (Romanian only)
Daniel Olteanu: Electronics, Telecomms & IT pages (Romanian only)
Datasheet catalog for integrated circuits, diodes, triacs, and other semiconductors
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Electronic Circuit Beans Collection
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Electronic component datasheets, pinouts & schematics for obsolete semiconductors
Dialelec: Electronic Components Retailer Forumul electronistilor (Romanian only)
Galep 4 - One of the Best and Cheapest Universal Programmers
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A nice datasheets collection
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MetaLink: Free 8051 Macro Assembler Large MOS-FET Transistor Database (Russian only) Build your own Computer Cables (5*)
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Cristian & Ioan Paius: A large database of links for electronics
Cristian & Ioan Paius: 80 links to websites offering free electronics schematics Electronic Equipment Schematics (Russian only)
Semiconductor Datasheets on the Web
Free Download: Service manuals, schematics, datasheets, eeprom bins, pcb, repair info
Sire's Electronics: Database of TDA xxxx IC's and datasheets, amongst many others Resurse pentru hobist(Romanian only)
Television Schematics
The Giant Internet IC Masturbator
Catalogue data for most Russian Transistors
Electronica: Link-uri utile (Romanian only)
Miscelaneous Circuits for Hobbists

More links will follow very shortly ...




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